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The Process

The process through which EVERGREEN CRYSTAL is created is painstaking and labor intensive.  Our artist, Lorraine (Lori) Coyle first sketches each design.  For each design, she then creates a template to be used as a guide for each layer of carving. Each EVERGREEN CRYSTAL vessels is hand carved, using sand expelled at various speeds and pressures, one layer at a time.  After the first layer of design is laid down on a vessel, a second layer is added, and so on, until the multiple level carving achieves a depth that almost makes the vessel come alive.  The end stage of each piece is so fine that it is almost like air brushing.  The number of layers on an individual piece depends upon the intricacy of the design, and it is this delicate process of multi-layering that sets apart EVERGREEN CRYSTAL from other similar products.


The Limited Editions of EVERGREEN CRYSTAL are first hand-cut, with each layer then individually carved.  These Limited Editions can have over 20 individual carved layers.


Each EVERGREEN CRYSTAL piece is done one at a time and each layer is carved one at a time.  By the time a layer is completed, its individual artwork is destroyed?the next time that design is called for, Lori must begin all over in creating the next unique vessel.

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